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Hello, good to see you!

My name is Özlem, and I am a Nutritionist who is -and always has been- passionate about food and wellness.

I grew up near Istanbul. Reminiscing about those times in Turkey, I can close my eyes and still feel the smell of the steaming linden tea, roasted chestnuts and orange peel on the old Turkish wood stove.

At home we were very keen on food and especially my parents who gave us an important sense of food quality and the impact it has on both our health and mood. Although my mother was a working woman, she always came home and enjoyed healthy cooking for her family, showing how important this was to her in order to "nurture" loved ones. I was lucky enough to just sit next to her and watch her work her magic in making quick and healthy food.

Around the age of 14 I became interested in knowing more and understanding what chips, chocolates etc. were made of, so I started analysing the ingredient lists very carefully. My challenge back then was trying to replicate the same recipes at home but with the right ingredients. Not right in the sense of "equal", but right in the sense of "right, healthy and sustainable". So, fast enough, diet, food, spices, plants, and groceries became a part of my life. I wanted to know every little detail about the food that I would be associated with and reflected throughout my body and cells. I didn't immediately jump into nutrition studies, but it sparked a deep interest in me to find the right balance between healthy and unhealthy eating; and what it does to us humans/human bodies. After my MBA studies in Germany, I started a professional career in several international companies and I also started to travel a lot in countries like the United Arab Emirates, Thailand or Australia. I always chose to rent an apartment to have my own kitchen so I could cook. I was able to discover and use the local toppings and local flavors.

Becoming a single mom was a major life event that further fueled my desire to turn my passion for nutrition into a career and start my own business. So I decided to study nutrition further. During my studies, I worked in a Luxembourg psychiatric practice and focused on the administrative tasks, I gained life experience of how food affects more than just our physical health, but also our mental health. Also, how a complex relationship between sugar and anxiety or a proper eating plan can change our mood and help us fight depression.

My target groups are adults, children, teenagers, pregnant women, elderly people.

Do you need a Check-Up for your body with a professional body composition analyser?

Do you have difficulties in developing proper eating habits?

Or do you have you questions about your nutrition and get an answer from the nutrition expert?

I will check-up your body composition every week using a special body analysis scale to see the ratio of muscle or fat mass. It serves as a motivating kick that is often needed to really make a difference.

I also love working with older people who want to slow down their aging process with the right diet. And my freelance service program is for retirement homes for the elderly with the right nutritional program to counteract chewing and swallowing problems and appetite problems. Food should be fun and tasty again, so it should inspire people to enjoy life more.

I also work with companies that want to support their employees to reach their peak of energy and performance through nutrition. 

How can I help you?

You have your individual genetics, your metabolism and your lifestyle. In my nutritional advice concept, I look at you in your entirety.

By evaluating your weekly body analysis, we will find out together which foods are good for you and which are not. Your food must be tailored to your individual physical needs.

I support you in recognizing the messages and needs of your body and thereby achieving a lasting change in your eating habits.

In order to always be able to help you better,   I am constantly updating my system, studying phytotherapy, introducing new technologies, learning new skills that continuously flow into my work.

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