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Example of body analysis result sheet


At each session you will receive the body analysis report sheet. 

With clear results on the InBody 270 report sheet, I give you an insight into your body composition.

Your weight, skeletal muscle mass and percentage of body fat are stored to track nutritional progress over time.

We will see the evolution of the readings over time. We will track changes in your body composition.

So we know :

  • How the fat and muscle breakdown is in your body.

  • How do you need to train to target specific body parts.

  • How to lose weight more effectively and build muscle.

  • How to feel lighter and healthier, with more strength and energy for your private and professional everyday life.

Would you like to learn more about your body composition, your nutritional status and your training status? Or would you like to know how muscle and fat are distributed in your body?


What is BIA measurement?

BIA stands for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.

The BIA measurement is a recognized measurement method in medicine, sports and nutritional science, in which a weak current that people cannot feel is passed through the body. Due to the different resistance of the individual cells, the body composition, as well as the nutritional and physical condition is determined precisely. You will 

get reliable results in the shortest possible time.

What does body composition mean?

The human body is made up of fat, protein, minerals and body water. Body composition analysis is a method that reveals what the human body is made of and provides more accurate information about the body than weight or body mass index (BMI). Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat and muscle mass and body fat percentage. 

What is the difference between BMI and BIA measurements?

If you're looking to lose weight or just want to see how healthy you are, you probably step on the scale or calculate your BMI. But you should know that these methods do not give a realistic statement about your state of health. 

The BMI only takes into account body weight and height and does not take into account the ratio of muscle mass to fat mass. Therefore, BMI and weight cannot distinguish between muscle and fat. For example, if a bodybuilder who has an above-average amount of muscle mass is considered overweight according to the BMI standards due to the correspondingly high weight. Or, with BMI and weight, you can't tell if a person is skinny-fat or skinny-fit.

A BIA body composition analysis  provides important information here. With a BIA analysis we can determine exactly how the ratio of muscle to fat mass affects metabolism. For this reason, the BIA body composition analysis is becoming increasingly important for assessing physical fitness, health and weight loss. 

For whom is the BIA measurement suitable?

  • For health-conscious people

  • For overweight/obesity

  • For athletes

  • In case of malnutrition

Attention!  People with pacemakers are not allowed to have a BIA measurement performed.

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