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After your booking i will contact you and we will schedule an appointment.

  • You will receive a food journal via E-Mail to fill out before our first session.

Your first session:

  • On your first session, we will analyze your body composition with BIA measurement and you will receive the result of your 136bad5cf58d_current body composition analysis.
  • By talking about your food journal and with the results of the BIA measurement, you will get first tips and strategies for a healthy diet.
  • After our meeting i will analyze your values, your goals, your wishes and you will get a personalized nutrition plan for a week.

VAT is included in the price.

The consulting service that I offer as a weight loss nutrition coach is in the field of prevention.

CNSdoesn`tcover the payment.

Nutrition consulting with BIA check-up and personalized nutrition plan

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